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Add Custom Text to Images with Optidash's Typesetting

Optidash introduces Typesetting: the ultimate tool for integrating text into images. Customizable, easy-to-use, and effective!


Introducing AVIF Support at Optidash API

Discover AVIF support at Optidash: superior image quality with smaller sizes for faster websites. Embrace the future of image optimization today!


Cloudflare R2 Joins Our Secure Storage Options

We announce immediate Cloudflare R2 support: Elevate your data storage with our seamless API integration for cost-efficient image management.


Multiprocessing API: Optimize Your Images Faster

Explore Optidash APIs new Multiprocessing feature to optimize multiple images simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity in image processing.


Introducing Secure Storage Connectors

Securely store your cloud credentials with Optidash's new storage connectors. Simplify your workflow and improve security.


The Case Of The Missing SIMD Code

Boost performance with hidden potential! Unlock efficiency gains in code libraries with single-lane SIMD optimization.


Optimizing Favicons For The World's Top 500 Websites

Discover how to optimize Favicons for better web performance with our latest study. Learn about the bandwidth savings and our open-sourced solution.


Introducing Provisioning API And Detailed Usage Reporting

Introducing our new provisioning API for Enterprise: Manage API keys with ease and access detailed usage statistics for better control and insights.


Accelerating JPEG Coding With Multiple Threads

Explore innovative and clever strategies to enhance JPEG compression efficiency through multithreading. Boost your image processing speed and efficiency.

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