Image Optimization

Next-level image optimization for your websites and apps.

Save money on bandwidth and storage and drastically speed-up your websites and apps with our modern, AI-powered image optimization pipeline.

Machine Learning Image Optimization

Let the AI do all the hard work

We trained proprietary machine learning models on milions of images so that you don't have to. Our neural networks detect critical areas of your images and, based on collected signals, flawlessly predict the perfect encoding parameters. You can finally leave pixels to the pros and focus on building your business.

Image Optimization Overview
Highest Image Quality

The highest possible image quality

Image optimization is not about setting a fixed, low quality value for all input images. It's the art and science of minimizing image file size without affecting its visual quality. Optidash API and it's advanced machine-learning models will yield the highest quality content optimized to the absolute maximum.

Smart Lossy Optimization in API Docs
Optimization Presets

Convenient optimization presets

You're in control here. Optidash API gives you flexibility in choosing from different optimization presets and image compression levels depending on your needs. You may even bypass our optimization pipeline completely and set your own quality value for resulting images.

Optimization Presets in API Docs
Lossless Image Optimization

Lossless optimization modes

If you are confident that your API requests must result in a pristine look of your visuals, you may use the lossless mode for image optimization. When enabled, Optidash API will yield losslessly-encoded output images without altering a single byte of pixel information.

Lossless Optimization in API Docs
Grayscale Detection

Automatic grayscale detection and conversion

Images encoded in a grayscale mode (for example B/W document scans) are smaller in terms of file size than their color counterparts and decode faster on the client-side. Optidash API automatically detects which input images can and should be encoded as grayscale, giving you even greater file size savings.

Grayscale Detection in API Docs

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