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Introducing Our Official SDK for Swift

Introducing the official Swift SDK for Optidash: Elevate your iOS and MacOS apps with precision-driven image optimization and processing API access.


Leverage Face Detection When Resizing With Fit Mode

Optimize your image resizing with our fit mode, now enhanced with face-detection. Ensure your images are perfectly framed, focusing on single or multiple faces.


Get Public Video Thumbnails With Fetch Endpoint

New Optidash API update: Fetch and transform thumbnails of public videos with ease. Perfect for users dealing with YouTube and user-generated content.


FaceMaze Voted Product of the Year on Product Hunt!

FaceMaze wins Golden Kitty Award 2019 in AI & Machine Learning for its precision face detection and editing web interface. Celebrate our Product of the Year!


Get And Process Social Media Profile Pictures

Retrieve user avatar images easily from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GitHub, and Gravatar with our enhanced Fetch Endpoint.


New Aspect Ratio Mode for Fast and Easy Image Cropping

New image cropping mode introduced! Specify aspect ratios directly for easy cropping without exact dimensions. Explore all 3 modes: rect, face, and ratio.


Introducing FaceMaze - Free Online Face Detection App

Launch alert: FaceMaze, our free web interface for precise face detection, cropping, and filtering is live! Powered by Optidash's computer vision APIs.


Control Global Image Opacity and Frame Delay

Enhance your images with new pixel adjustment features: set global opacity and adjust frame delay for animated formats like GIFs. Discover the latest updates!

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