Your AI-powered image optimization solution from Berlin.

We provide developers and content creators with the fastest and most accurate image optimization and processing technology.

Founded in 2016 in Berlin and emerging from stealth in 2019 we have built probably the most complete solution for all image optimization and recompression tasks. Optidash abstracts away the complexities associated with implementing a modern image processing pipeline into a simple REST API.

In addition to AI-powered image optimization engine, we offer easy access to a great number of image transforming operations including — but not limited to — resizing, scaling, adjusting, cropping, stylizing, filtering or watermarking. On top of that, Optidash offers optional Storage and Delivery addon and distributes your visuals over a global 65+ Tbps network.

Optidash owns and operates a highly-available infrastructure comprised of a vast array of Apple hardware, dual-CPU Linux machines and enterprise-grade routers and switches.

In order to achieve great processing speeds and unmatched image quality, we make use of heavily optimized performance shaders that are applied to your images on the GPUs in real-time.

Operating a proprietary, GPU-enabled engine has a number of benefits. Even the most demanding image operations (such as blurring or face detection) take less than 50ms to complete. We are also in the absolute control over every pixel that flows through our system and can quickly implement custom features that benefit all our users.

Our platform is deployed to bare-metal machines co-located in a Tier-3 datacenter in Frankfurt am Main — a location offering excellent connectivity to the world's largest internet exchange points and a wide range of carriers.

Developers and content creators will feel right at home with our AI-powered image optimization platform. With official integrations, clear documentation, reliable webhooks and SDKs for the most popular programming languages we enable our users to quickly integrate with our API accelerate their websites and apps.

Technology Providers

We partner with industry-leading companies to innovate and deliver the technologies behind the Optidash Platform.

Apple provides us with Mac hardware that forms the core of our rendering farm.

All of our Linux machines are equipped with Intel PCI-E SSDs for ultimate speed.

High-efficiency compute units and storage pods are sourced directly from Supermicro.

Juniper Networks delivers solutions for high-performance top-of-rack networking.

We use Cisco routers for optimized IP routing and enhanced platform security.

Enterprise-grade Micron disks on our storage pods have unbeatable data resiliency.

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