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Optimizing Images On The World's Top 100 Websites

The world’s most visited websites receive insane amounts of traffic and push petabytes of data to visitors all around the globe. Because images alone represent over 60% of today’s Internet traffic, one would think that the top 100 websites would keep their images as light as possible. At the end of the day, saving millions of dollars in yearly bandwidth and storage fees seems like a good strategy. Let’s find out how well visual content is treated on these websites.

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Ephemeral Storage Solution with Node and Redis

Building ephemeral storage solution with Node and Redis

As software engineers we want to automate most of the processes and tasks we have at hand. We aim to build robust solutions that (in theory) should require little to no mainenance efforts and “just work”. Let’s see how we can apply those principles to automatic object expiration and explore different angles to approach the problem of ephemeral object storage.

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