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Drastically speed-up your websites and apps and save money on bandwidth and storage. Optidash guarantees great byte savings and exceptional quality of your visual content.

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Give your websites the boost they deserve

Optidash is the ultimate solution for image optimization tasks regardless of your application or website size.

Improve Google Rankings

Improve Google rankings

Google takes site speed as a signal used by its algorithm to rank pages. Want to rank higher? Optimize your images with Optidash and enhance your website's performance.

Reduce Hosting Fees

Reduce hosting fees

Optimized images mean less bytes to push over the wire to your users. If you are running a busy website, you will see great savings on your storage and CDN bills.

Grow Your Revenue

Grow your revenue

People hate waiting. Faster-loading websites and apps convert more users and see longer sessions with lower bounce rate. Improve user experience and earn more money.

Connect the tools you love and use

Integrate with Optidash in a matter of minutes. Explore our apps, plugins, and official SDKs and make your day-to-day workflow much more efficient.

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An investment that pays off

An investment that pays off

Our cost-effective solution guarantees remarkable image quality and extreme compression of your visual content. We squeeze the absolute maximum out of every image format that we support. No other tool on the market can match the features, performance and reliabily of our platform.

On average, our image optimization engine will save 40% of the initial file size without any noticable loss in image quality.

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Machine learning as a standard

Machine learning as a standard

Optidash API gives you instant access to the future of high-performance image optimization. We train and deploy proprietary machine learning models and combine them with computer vision solutions. Those technologies form the very foundation on which we build the Optidash platform.

We can rapidly implement, test, and deploy custom features to support the growth of your business.

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GPU-powered infrastructure

GPU-powered infrastructure

Pixels belong to graphic cards and that is exactly where your images are processed when using Optidash. Our image optimization engine is exclusively deployed to the Apple hardware and the extreme data throughput between the machines is enabled by datacenter-grade Intel PCIe SSD drives.

Our specialized infrastructure is hosted in Tier-3 datacenters and connected to Internet backbone via redundant 10 Gbps uplinks.

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Simon Munch-Andersen / Clue

"When you have over 14M active users, you start looking for reliable partners to complement your infrastructure. We chose Optidash because of their obsession over image quality and custom features they can deliver to us."— Simon Munch-Andersen, VP Engineering at Clue

Trusted by companies of all sizes from all around the world.

We earned enough trust of startups and Fortune 500 companies to flawlessly optimize over 5,000,000,000 of their images to date.

On average, our users feed Optidash with over 100 images per second and we maintain extra compute and storage capacity to handle load multiple times higher.

Optidash has the features your business needs

Manage your team with role-based access control, enhanced security and detailed activity logs.

  • Account Security
  • Team Management
  • Access Control
  • Usage Reporting
  • Activity Logs


Keep your Optidash account safe and secure with Two-Factor Authentication. With just a few clicks you can also enable SSO and manage all your users in one centralized directory. If your Identity Provider speaks SAML, we have you covered.

Teams work better together
Teams work better together

Teams work better together

At Optidash we encourage you to work collaboratively with your teammates. We do not charge per-seat, so you can invite as many colleagues as you like. You can also assign them specific roles based on their position within your organization.

Role-based access control
Role-based access control

Role-based access control

Grant limited access to select members of your team to better manage your Optidash account and billing details. Account owners and Admins can see which team members have turned on two-factor authentication to ensure maximum account security.

Reporting and analysis
Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis

Right after you integrate Optidash API with your applications you will gain access to detailed reporting on your API usage. Enterprise customers can additionaly request raw API logs in a JSON or CSV format to quickly examine each and every API call.

Detailed audit logs
Detailed audit logs

Detailed audit logs

View detailed audit trail of all activity that happens within your Optidash account. Account events are filterable by date and can be easily exported to CSV or JSON files giving you great insights into type of operations performed by each member of your team.

High performance hardware

We operate a highly-available infrastructure comprised of a vast array of Apple hardware, dual-CPU Linux machines and enterprise-grade routers and switches.

High performance hardware at your service

Every new rack that we deploy hosts servers with the latest generation Xeon processors and Apple Mac Pros with multiple GPUs on board. Our highly optimized networking stack guarantees low latency and high-speed throughput for all our customers.

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The API developers fall in love with

Unleash the power of a modern image optimization platform by integrating our API with your apps and websites.

Interactive Documentation

Instantly see the results of selected image operations in our interactive API documentation.

Production-Ready Integrations

Integrate in minutes with our official client libraries for the most popular programming languages.

Reliable Webhooks

Defer parsing responses from the API and make use of our reliable webhook-delivery system.

Binary Responses

Greatly speed-up your workflow by receiving full binary representations of resulting images.

const Optidash = require("optidash");

const pix = new Optidash("2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4");

    width: 600,
    height: 450
    id: "6238ad5f"
    saturation: 10
    size: 5
}).toJSON((err, meta) => {
pix, err := optidash.NewClient("2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4")

if err != nil {

meta := pix.Upload("/var/www/header.png").Resize(optidash.P{
    "width": 600,
    "height": 450
    "id": "6238ad5f"
    "saturation": 10
    "size": 5
require "optidash"

pix ="2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4")

err, meta = pix.upload("/var/www/header.png").resize(
    width: 600,
    height: 450
    id: "6238ad5f"
    saturation: 10
    size: 5

abort(err) if err
from optidash import optidash

client = optidash('2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4')

err, meta = (
        'width': 600,
        'height': 450
        'id': '6238ad5f'
        'saturation': 10
        'size': 5
$pix = new Optidash\Optidash('2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4');

    'width' => 600,
    'height' => 450
    'id' => '6238ad5f'
    'saturation': 10
    'size': 5
]).toJSON(function ($error, $meta) {
    if (!empty($error)) {
        throw new Exception($error);
Optidash pix = new Optidash("2VEVuEx0XSGBX7FmptL4DYn4");

final Upload upload = pix.upload("/var/www/header.png");

    .set("width", 600)
    .set("height", 450)

upload.watermark(settings().set("id", "6238ad5f"));
upload.adjust(settings().set("saturation", 10));
upload.border(settings().set("size", 5));

final Response response = fetch.toJson();
  • Node
  • Go
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java

Flexible storage connectors for your favorite cloud provider

Optidash API integrates seamlessly with all major Cloud storage providers. Simply add a few parameters to your requests and all images you optimize will be securely stored in your buckets on AWS, GCP, Azure, you name it.

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