Operations - Introduction

Image Operations / Introduction

The Optidash Image API offers blazingly-fast image transformations resulting in unparalleled image quality. We use our proprietary, GPU-optimized rendering pipeline running entirely on the Apple® platform. You can resize, crop, add watermarks and masks to your images and even enhance them automatically with intelligent filters.

By default, all resulting images are treated with our Smart Image Optimization algorithms to ensure they are immediately ready for publishing.

Quick Example

Say you'd like to process an image with the Image Upload method (upload an image for processing) and crop-out a portion of the image with a face and give it a nice padding, resize that fragment to a smaller size, automatically enhace the image to give it a more vibrant look and finally apply an elliptical mask on a transparent background using highly optmized PNG as the output format. With Optidash Image API you can stack together as many operations and filters as you like.

An example JSON request will look like the following:

    "crop": {
        "mode": "face",
        "padding": 50
    "resize": {
        "mode": "auto",
        "width": 150,
        "height": 150
    "auto": {
        "enhance": true
    "mask": {
        "shape": "ellipse"
    "output": {
        "format": "png"
    "optimize": {
        "compression": "high"